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the spirit of christmas

Christmas music for classical guitar


Clearly written scores & guitar tabs for traditional Christmas music

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Book Contents

Second edition (2022)

We Three Kings -  John Henry Hopkins Jr

Oh Come All Ye Faithful - King John IV

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing -  Felix Mendelssohn

Away in a Manger - William J Kirkpatrick

Silent Night - Frans Xaver Gruber 

Once in Royal David City - Henry John Gauntlett 

O Christmas Tree - Ernest Anschūtz

Auld Lang Syne - Traditional 

Jingle Bells - James Pierpont

The First Noel - Traditional 

The Spirit of Christmas


The perfect Christmas gift for every guitarist with 10 specially arranged traditional Christmas songs written in standard notation and tablature for non readers.  Demonstration videos are available for each arrangement on the following youtube playlist to both enjoy and aid learning. 

The Spirit of Christmas Playlist

This book is available as a paperback, on Kindle and as a pdf download through the links provided. You or the recipient of this book will be able to enjoy playing through some of the most popular festive songs of all time. Suitable for guitarists of all levels and is specially designed for beginners to intermediate level guitarist.

Example page from The Spirit of Christmas


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Zane Maertens

Acoustic Guitarist


I've been using this enjoyable book to teach my beginner students in the run up to Christmas. Just the thing for the festive period


Classical Guitar tutor


"10 lovely arrangments from a talented guitar player and performer. Great for teachers, students and performers to add to their repertoire for Christmas. I can whole heartedily recommend this book!"​


Amazon customer


"Well written, clear and worth the money! Going to be a great surprise for my family to hear me play this Christmas"

David Buckingham



"Fun to play and not too difficult which is perfect for Christmas"

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David Buckingham - Flamenco
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Available in two formats


  • Is The Spirit of Christmas suitable for beginners?

These arrangements were designed with beginner classical and acoustic guitarists in mind. The notation includes suggested left hand fingering and fret positions to help read smoothly

  • Is The Spirit of Christmas written in TAB for non readers?

All the music within the book is written in both TAB and standard notation so that both reading and non reading musicians can enjoy learning

  • Is there supporting music for additional instruments?

All the arrangements in this title have been designed for solo guitar performances. but suggested chords are shown above for supporting instruments

  • Can I listen to example tracks of the songs?

All the tunes in the book have example recordings on youtube that can be both enjoyed by listeners and used as a learning aid for guitarists studying these scores 

  • What other music is available for classical guitar?

  1. Spirit of the Greeks - Greek music for the classical guitar

  2. The Passion of Tango - Ten traditional tangos for the classical guitar 

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