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Tango scores for the classical guitar


Clearly written scores & guitar tabs for traditional tangos

The first Noel guitar sheet music

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Book Contents

Tomo Y Obligo -  Carlos Gardel

Tango Maria - Francisco Tárrega

El Choclo  - Ángel Villoldo 

El Portenito - Ángel Villoldo

La Cumparsita - Gerardo Matos Rodríguez

La Paloma - Sebastián Iradier

Loca - Manuel Jovés

For una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel 

Oxford Tango - Mark Hussey

Tango on Ice - Mark Hussey


Music arranged for classical guitar by - Mark Hussey





Spirit of the Tango - 


Tango is amongst the most passionate of musical genres in which the guitar has played a major role from its earliest years. Like so many other genres, the guitar was originally more commonly used as a way of accompanying  a melody carried by vocalists and other lead instruments. In more recent times the classical guitar has proved a popular medium to perform modern tango compositions. This publication contains carefully arranged guitar scores and TABs for some of the earliest and most loved tangos of all time. This title however does not contain scores of flamenco tangos which themselves are unrelated to the Argentinian tangos and its various branches. All the scores within 'Spirit of the Tango' have been arranged from the earliest available recordings so as to authentically capture the spirit of the tango. 

This book is available on paperback, Kindle and as a pdf download through the links provided and is a suitable study for both reading and non reading guitarists (via the included tablature) from intermediate proficiency to professional performers.

Example pages from Spirit of the Tango


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Zane Maertens

Acoustic Guitarist


I've been waiting for a title like this for years. Finally one book with all my favourite tangos together 



Spanish Guitar tutor


"I'm particularly fond of these Argentinian tangos which are all fantastically arranged "​



Amazon customer


"Exactly what I was looking for"

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David Buckingham



"A must have for Tango enthusiasts"

Once in Royal David City Classical Guitar Sheet music

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  • Is this title suitable for beginner guitarists?

  •  Spirit of the Tango has been arranged for the professional guitarist but may also be a suitable challenge for intermediate players. As in any publication, each piece varies in its difficulty. 

  • Is TAB included?

  • All the music within the book is written in both TAB and standard notation so that both reading and non reading musicians can enjoy learning

  • Is there supporting music for additional instrumentation?

  • All the arrangements in this title has been designed for solo guitar performances. but supporting guitar chords have been added which may be useful for a second guitarist

  • Can I listen to example tracks of the songs?

  • Please check back soon for example recordings. 

  • What other music is available for classical guitar?

  • This title is part of a growing series which currently contains, the following Spirit of the Greeks, Spirit of Christmas and Spirit of the Tango

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